Please follow the steps below and you will never use a "Paper Log" again!

  1. Please make sure that you reconcile your music scheduling system data with any changes that may have been made in the actual programming broadcast from your station (i.e. include songs that were added; remove songs that were deleted).
  2. Create the electronic music use report using your music scheduling or playlist management software.
  3. Click on the appropriate selection on the next page to access instructions for the applicable version of your music scheduling or playlist management software. 
  4. If your music scheduling or music playlist management software does not appear on the next page, please consult the software's user manual for information on creating an electronic file containing date, time, title, and artist for the period requested in the Deloitte & Touche letter. You can also contact your software vendor's technical support staff for more information.
  5. If you find that your vendor cannot help you or you don't use a commercial software product for scheduling or playlist management, please contact our Logging Department for assistance by calling 615-401-5434 or by e-mail